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Rehabilitation Center

The Center is offering treatment to patients suffering from muscular and neural illnesses, and who are undergoing either initial or chronic stages of diseases that cause movement and self-handling difficulties.

Open Hospitalization

Open or daily treatment unit refers to patients with functional issues, who don’t actually need 24/7 medical and nursing support like hospitalized patients do, but instead they need:


Water Cure

Occupational Therapy


Pain Treatment

Hypertonia Treatment

Spasticity Treatment


Hospitalized patients are being hosted in the most modern hospital rooms which obey to all international standards in order to achieve their smooth adjustment to the hospital’s ennvironment and to bring the best possible cure results to diseases like the following:

Vascular Strokes

Spinal Cord Damages/Injuries

Multiple Sclerosis

Skull/Brain Injuries

Extrapyramidal System Diseases

Myopathies – Muscular Diseases

Peripheral Motor Neuron Diseases

Orthopedic Diseases at the postoperative stage

Rheumatic Diseases

Polyneuritis (Guillen Barre syndrome, etc)

Degenerative Diseases of the C.N.S. (e.g. Spastic Quadriplegia, Peroneal Muscular Atrophy)


External Natural Medicine and Recovery Clinics

Μedical assessment is provided by specialized Natural Medicine and Recovery Doctors, who aim in coordinating and ensuring that all applicable measures are taken in order to prevent and minimize any kind of inevitable functional, natural, psychological, social and financial consequences caused by patients' inadequacy or disability. A personalized plan of treatment is scheduled according to the nature of the disease and accompanying illnesses, age.

Ιllnesses treated:

Central and peripheral nervous system diseases (vascular stroke, spinal cord injuries, paraplegia/quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, other demyelinating diseases, Parkinson, etc.)

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (neck pain, back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, fractures, amputations)

Rheumatic diseases

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Pressure Ulcers

Occupational Therapy

In the specially designed and equipped and area, patients can find new interests in the use of customized aids together with the original equipment.

Occupational therapy is a significantly important factor regarding the patient's recovery phase, as it helps him regain the skills that he possessed before his injury or illness, to re-educate himself in performing his daily activities, to find out ways on how to retrieve his deficiencies and how to ergonomically re-organize his private or professional space that he lives in. The aim is to ensure that the patient will be self-employed in basic everyday activities such as dressing, feeding and personal hygiene, and also to improve memory, attention, perception and concentration abilities.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy provides ingestion problems treatment, speech issues solving, understanding and communication problems solving and hand-writing disfunctions treatments.

The speech therapist assesses any kind of difficulty using specialized techniques, makes the diagnosis and then suggests the best possible treatment method. He re-educates the mental functions of association, memory, attention, speech and ingestion.

Speech therapy will bring positive effect on the patients' overall treatment plan as it will ensure their even more active participation in the effort to restore it.


Hydrotherapy can beneficially result in the rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurological and rheumatic diseases.

The treatment pool is ergonomically designed with adjustable bottom depth levels, equipped with electric lifter, a dual bar, and suitable equipment for in-water exercises.

Invariable water temperature allows the muscles both to relax and strengthen and also helps to make joint pain softer and increase the range of movement without being charged. The tranquillity and relaxation offered by the pool water has impressive effects on the body and soul of the patient.


These therapies are covering cases of respiratory, cardiovascular, orthopedic and neurological diseases and disfunctions. Personalized physiotherapy treatment plans, based on deep search and careful assessment of the patients' illness and its potentials, aim at improving their kinetic condition and maximizing their functionality, independence and autonomy.

Of course, success of the treatment plan would be impossible without the therapists’ training and large experience in the use of the Center's modern equipment.


NDT Bobath

Diathermies (Short Wave & Microwave)


Infrared & ultraviolet radiation

Magnetic Fields


Paraffin Baths

Upper and Lower Limb Vortex Baths





Active/Passive Mobilization Bicycles


Dual Bars

Pull Bars


Balance Platform

Mental Health

Psychological support is a particularly important part of the total care provided to the patient. Experienced psychologists support the patients and their relatives, guiding them to take the first step by trying to accept the new situation and fit themselves into it. In addition, they deliver advisory briefing to the Center's employees on how to deal with each patient in the most effective ways.

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