3rd km of Lamia – Ligaria road

Rehabilitation Center


Dr. Eleni Papadaki
Physical Medicine and Recovery Doctor

Our Center is based in a quiet location, exactly on the 3rd km of the national road between Lamia and Lygaria, easily accessible within just a few minutes from the city of Lamia. The facilities have been created according to the most up to date universal medical standards of modern health care units and are developed in 3 levels of 4.500 m² occupying a total area of 4,5 acres.

The Center is offering treatment to patients suffering from muscular and neural system illnesses, and who are undergoing either initial or chronic stages of diseases that cause movement and self-handling difficulties.

The Center is aiming to offer specialized but also personalized health services through well experienced and highly trained scientific personnel, with constant care and love for the patient’s dignity. First priority for the recovery team is to achieve the best possible physical, social and emotional recovery for the people in need of hospitalization.

With the patient placed in the center of concerns and targeting to personalized medical approach, the unit covers a complete spectrum of needs starting with immediate diagnosis of neoplasia and followed by appropriate curing treatment, detailed observation of the procedure, re-assessments of the progress of the disease and finally the recovery stages.

The multi-scientific team which consists of physiotherapists, pathologists, intensive practitioners, recovery nurses, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and psychologists, evaluate the patients with kinetic, sensation or learning disabilities in daily basis, while they constantly watch their progress and suggest personalized treatment plans in combination with special medical actions, in order to achieve the best possible recovery.

There are doctors standing by in 24/7 basis in the facilities of the Center, while external co-operative doctors of all specialties are also available for the patients, whenever it is required.